Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bird After Bird by Leslea Tash

Bird After BirdBird After Bird by Leslea Tash
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*ARC Copy Review*
Birds of a Feather Flock together..

This was a interesting read talked about birds.The main Characters name was Wren(A real bird name.A cool name if you ask me.I love hearing unusual names in books.Wren's a very strong girl did everything right to get where she wanted.A bit Selfish.

I thought Wren was a ok character...she was the aggressor in this relationship she has with the hot Man/Soldier/Artist(Laurence Byrd) yes bird lol. It was weird reading a book where the guy wasn't the aggressor...he was broken.

Usually books I read its always the girls who have the self pity but this book flipped the script but he has lots of the

I also liked Laurie's origami bird letters to Wren & his deceased fiance (Sylvia) really sad about what happened to her.

Omg Laurie mother grr...then the Nun lol.

Had to skip some parts was getting boring.I just wanted to shake Wren lol. I did love her father the bird journal they made..his letters in it.I got teary eyed.

Good ending.Good characters..loved the dog Hap!

For the Authors first book I think she did a great job.
**Fist Pump!!**
Also not much sexytime in this

Check it out!

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