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Ruined by Tracy Wolff


Ruined (Ethan Frost, #1)Ruined by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

O where to begin.First off I saw that ppl were saying this was like fifty shades of me this is nothing like it.I wish ppl would stop comparing books with dominate men to Christian grey.Noone will be like Cg lol. Ok now let's get to this book.Both damaged souls past comes back to haunt them.Fall in love.

.Chole still has to believe in herself but this is truly hard for would be for me...grr I'm not telling you it made me so mad.Ethan wants what he can't have...he won't stop til she sexual tender..Ethan is what all women want.Loved the banter between these 2.
Loved the Smoothie & Blender (scenes) that damn thing keeps living lol.Love sexy Ethan and the sassy Chole!
good writing gave me visuals good emotion loved it!! I can't wait til next book this ending just about killed me!

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