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Review Magan Vernon The Only Exception & The Only One

The Only ExceptionThe Only Exception by Magan Vernon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Go Out With me ...Monica Remy you are the only exception.

I finished the book "The Only Exception" by Magan Vernon.It was gifted to me by Inkslingers.As I read the book it kept me wondering what happened to Monica.Finally I found out what went down with her.

I don't' want to give the plot away so you will have to read the sexy Trey..main character whom I really wished had a inner badboy.I kept wanting him to wear jeans & tshirt..rebel conservative.

All in all the book was good.Not use to a book that has Politics in it.The issues were real an true to this day in age.This was a good issue to talk about.I'm not giving it away.

Story was well written great debate between the two main characters..good to see a different point of view from both sides.So check this book out. View all my reviews




****ARC Copy Review****
The Only OneThe Only One by Magan Vernon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

****Arc Copy Review****
A great companion novel.This can be read as a single book.I was glad to get a chance to read this book.It was written well.Great story also.Such a real like issue.This book could actually save someone.It reminds us that our health is important & we all should be checked out.

Loved the characters in this book.John Boy (Jonathan) & Red (Melaine) were a good match.John boy is so under estimated.The sexy frat boy player but deep down a lovable smart man.Then there's uptight Melanie(Red) always a hard worker thinks she's broken.They both have to learn to let enjoy life.Take a risk.Loved the ending really wanted more was getting so good.

Read it.I don't want to give anything away!
John Boy....I got you this ...a bronze heart necklace "The Only one"..
Melanie..Jon is no longer the bull.
I thought he was or just some lay..
Turns out he was the best thing that ever happened to me.
Go read it!

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The Only One

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