Monday, July 01, 2013

Review on S.L. Scott A Prior Engagement

Ok so I been just lazy lol. I mostly post my reviews on Goodreads. Here is a goodread to check out. S.L. Scott check this book out.

Summary :***Not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. Contains adult language and sexual situations.**

Living in a world built on pretenses, Everleigh Wright discovers how carefully orchestrated her Upper East Side life has been. Trapped in an arrangement for social prestige and financial gain, she finds life is not as idyllic as she once thought.

William Ryder leads a life rich in family support and endless determination. While attending university in Manhattan, he becomes enamored with a classic beauty who holds many secrets beneath her quiet propriety. William falls head over heels crazy for her, and she falls for him and his unfaltering optimism and kindness.

William and Everleigh may come from different worlds, but their attraction is instant and their love undeniable. Hoping love conquers all, they will find out if their love is unstoppable when faced with the consequences of breaking a prior engagement.
"Right here, right now is all that matters."

*My Review*
I thought this was a good read.It was good to read about to different worlds coming together.Great characters.I want more!Money doesn't make you.It's great to have but it turns some ppl evil.This book had a good message about that.Check this book out.

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