Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bzzagent Review Filippo Berio Olive Oil

***My Review**
The taste Its so different from my great value olive oil.You can really taste the difference.I used the Filippo Berio Olive Oil on my dinner.I made Chicken & Mushrooms!!So yummy.I still want to try more recipes.

To people who haven't tried this I say give it a shot.You either like it or not.I myself like the strong taste. I will purchase this in the future.Also glad I go some coupons.

Ty Bzzagent for giving me the opportunity to try this product.Ty Filippo Berio love it.Im sure my friends and family will to.Got some coupons to give away.

             Product Info

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive oil is rich in taste.A taste of Italy to your favorite recipes.
         *Benefits of using Filippo Berio*

Filippo Berio Olive Oil is a good alternative to other oils or butter.
           *The oil is 100%natural only good fats.**
           *No cholesterol 
           *No Sugar 
           *No Salt
           *Gluten Free

Great for your Health.

*Can help reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as help control blood pressure and blood sugar level.*

Be sure to check them out.
Filippo Berio Olive Oil

Ty Bzzagent & Filippo Berio Olive Oil for trying your product.These my opinions only!Product was sent to me to test & blog about.

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