Friday, February 15, 2013

Help Support Courtney Austin! Update

****I know this girl what they did to her is so unfair*****

Courtney started a facebook page to advertise animals at the shelter.

This past year she had a 100% success rate at getting every adoptable animal out, either to rescue or adoption.

A few weeks ago, she posted a comment about how the shelter was without heat and water. This was during one particularly cold spell.

The commissioners, one Vicki Cole in particular, felt it made them look bad in the eyes of the puplic and demanded Courtney hand over her Facebook page to them.

She refused, and rightfully so.

Today the first of Feb 2013, they suspended Courtney from her job.

This shows an absolute disregard for the safetly of the animals entrusted to these elected officials.
Over some petty image issue, 3 commissioners will endanger over 100 animals currently being held at the shelter.
This must not be allowed to take place.

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