Monday, February 25, 2013

Abbi Glines Never Too Far

The Best Selling Author's Abbi Glines Never Too Far
new book comes out Tuesday.Be sure to check her out.I love her books.Can't wait till its out.Also check her on Ustream Monday night for live chat & Q& A.
I'm so ready.


summer said...

I was disappointed with this book. It didnt have the spark of the first, and the characters seemed to suffer arrested development. there isnt any critical realization here for both characters, and the issues that plagued them were not addressed either properly or realistically. In a word, never too far is a contrived sequel to a promising first.cru

melissa simons said...

I want another book.I was just reading she is going to put another book out to this one.But I really dont think I want another book for Rush & Blaire cuz I dont see what else could happen unless he cheats.

As for the other characters she is doing books for them she said on Ustream chat.I can't wait.

All in all the book was a cute read.