Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ohio Girl Raped by Football Players Town Cover Up


***My Take on This:

Ohio Cover up Just disgusting over football team who didn't want there Rep messed up.I hope who were all in involved get what they deserve.Also SHAME on the ppl at the party who didn't stop this.I have seen the pic on net.Thank God for Anonymous .What is wrong with kids today???WTF!! All this cellphone videos & pictures I swear the cellphone is almost one of the worst things invented...I have a cell but mine is stone-age tracfone that don't have camera & it has a antenna lol.I live in the woods its only used when needed for stores.

This is just nuts!I'm outraged at these teens behavior I mean wtf what posses you to do such a thing?The girl in the photo looked dead & no one helped her!!Then u have this other boy who is in college making fun of her..sickening.

I hope this girl is ok & that she never has to remember what happened.Maybe God gifted her with memory loss.This was a horrible crime.I hope she has great family & friends.

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