Friday, October 19, 2012

White Trash Beautiful

EBooks I have Finished Reading

White Trash Beautiful~Teresa Mummert

I thought this was a pretty good read.I had to keep reading because I was really cheering for Cass & Tucker.She had such a rough life but in the end she overcame the statics of being White Trash.I really liked the fact that this Author didnt just give a sweet happy romance she had to work for it.

I'm use to reading books where its easy life not alot happenes to the Characters.So this was a change.I also loved this book cover art. Lets you see that life is hard it's not easy for everyone out there. All in all I recommend this book I hope there is another book,it was just getting good. So go out & buy this book or get it on a ebook at Amazon.This book is currently only $2.99 on ebook format so I couldn't resist.Give this author a chance check her out.

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