Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Got BzzAgent Green Mountain Coffee Kit Campaign

Yes this is me lol.I'm going to try the Vlogging some...maybe.I am camera shy not use to this. Did I mention I don't like the glare on my glasses when I was taping...grr I need Contacts.

I just got my BzzAgent Green Mountain Coffee Campaign Kit today.I test the products they send & I write about them on my blog .I will be trying this coffee soon.My samples are for my Keurig,I'm sure its available in ground coffee to.When you want a Cup of Joe try Green Mountain Coffee.This is a "Fair Trade Certified Coffee".

That means when you buy this Coffee the money Supports the farmers "Fair Trade" .It helps improve there working conditions,assists in protecting the Environment,& Supports Community Development,new schools,roads,health clinics,safer drinking water.Be sure to try this Coffee out,it is in some stores now. 

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