Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaners

I got my "Soft Scrub  All Purpose Cleaner Kit "today from PurexInsider.They also included  three Coupons for a FREE Soft Scrub Product.So I will be running a CONTEST.The coupons will be sent out in the mail.There are only three coupons & you will only get one coupon.
Just make sure you follow the Rafflecopter.I have other stuff to give away also So Follow my Blog for more giveaways. I'm hoping to get more Blog traffic.

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*Now to my  *Review*                                                            Here are the Results of my tub.
I got the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose & I was ready to try it.I hate cleaning like everyone else lol.I was excited to try this product out.So far I have used it on my Tub the hard water we have around here makes out tubs turn orange (Sulfur).Mine isn't no where near as bad as my grandmothers tub.

Ours just had a little bit orange hue to the plastic molding on the tub.So far it has worked out.I used the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose with Bleach.I left it on for 5 minutes used a paper towel to clean excess off.It did get the nasty looking color off but also ours is stained so it still worked.

Here are the Results of my sink.My Sink gets that nasty Soap Scrum.I used the Soft Scrub Total All Purpose without bleach on the sink.This worked good on it.It's shining now.There is still some soap scrum that needs to be scrubbed with a steel wool so ill have to do that.All in all I think this Soft Scrub Total All Purpose did great.Hey it's worth a try why not.Here's my Proof you try it check it out.
 *Sorry the Blog is so long*If you are still with me lol.Be sure to enter my Rafflecopter for the coupon of a free Soft Scrub Product!

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