Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So I read this great book.It's called "Poughkeepsie"by Debra Anastasia great book.Check it out.I even did a photoshop image for it.Also should be getting a tattoo in the mail & maybe a keychain.

*Amazon Review*
When I first read this book I didn't really expect how life could have been for Children and Teens & Adults who don't have a home.

This book has everything you want in a books. The Hardship, Courage, Strength and Will to just survive. it really makes you think how good you actually have it.This book is my favorite by far.

I really stopped an thinked about how many children &teens in foster homes who get abused & not loved.How so many ppl out there who would love a child of there own an can't have kids .

The system doesn't help these kids get gd loving families.
The book is well written & I cried.You no when u cry it's a great story.Also a amazing Author!

So when u read this book you will understand what life can be for other ppl.So next time you see a person or child in need don't look down on them give them a smile.

All done in Photoshop.Love doing Quotes on pics.I just wish I new who this young man was.Or who took picture.Id give them some credit.

Check this book out it's a must read.Can't wait til the next one comes out!

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