Thursday, July 26, 2012

Behind On Blogging

I have really been behind on blogging.At the end of June I had a darn seizure.I have had Epilepsy since I was 16.They tell me I must have inherited but they really don't know.I am pretty lucky my seizures are mild compared to other ppl.

The Dr is trying to take me off the one medicine(Tegretol) cause he says its just not a good brand of pill.The other medicine I take for seizures is Lamictal & the price is insane. I am lucky that I can get a medical card to buy it.What makes me really mad is that if I stop signing up for disability I cant keep my medical card....that means I cant even get a job.

Went to neurologist about a week ago & he lowered the one pill hoping I wont have anymore breakthrough seizures...(tremors). I now know when I have a tremor  I will most likely  have a seizure.It took me 4 months to have a tremor breakthourgh the medication is trying to work right.I hopefully in the end I will only be on one medication.

Now to get back to blogging release my thoughts & try to get more traffic to this blog.

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