Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Update*Brew Over Ice is yummy

I got to try the "Brew Over Ice" Campaign products.
It was a very lovely Campaign kit.So the first product
I tried was the Brew Over Ice Coffee "Green Mountain Hazelnut Ice Coffee".
I had to add some Milk & Sugar after that it was good.It has a really strong taste.I'm not a coffee
drinker or a tea drinker.The only coffee I do drink is cold coffee frappe.

To me the "Brew Over Ice" products are just as good as the Chain companies.
I can make it at my home & won't I have to go out to purchase one.
That's what  I like about this product.It's so easy to do love it.

As for the Tea those were really good also.The Sweet Tea was really sweet I was surprised.
I made one & shared it.You do have to add more ice cause it melts fast.
I also did a second run of the Kcup Sweet tea.
I reused the Kcup &  & it worked.It was a little weak but just add more sugar.
I thought this was a good Campaign I have tried the samples with my family
& we love them cant wait to purchase them.Thank you letting me try these new products.

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