Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Love Doing Nails

So the past few months i have taken to doing my nails.I tried the whole Acrylic Nails doing them myself but I just didn't like them.So I went to Nail Polish.I started by just painting my whole nail then the Polish would come off in a few days & I'd get mad lol.Now I have just started doing the tips of my nails.

It is hard to keep your nails long.My Left hand of Nails seems to break more than my Right hand.I use 3 different types of Nail Polish Remover. I use Nourishing Remover from Walmart Equate very cheap,the other is a Strengthener same brand then I use a bottle of Acetone in pure form.That also brings off fake nails that a Salon uses eats those plastic nails off.You get all this at Walmart.I also use a cheap eye-make up  brush I got from Dollar General it fans good to make the oval part in the French Manicure.

I have also had to do my nails without the brush for the last few days.I just used Qtip & removers to make the moons.I did my Moms nails for the first time she don't like the smell.So I had to get her a mask lol.The Nails looked good when I was done.Omg I had to cut my thumb nail this morning it was so long but i hit it the other day it must have tore it.Didnt know til i removed Polish.I hate waiting for the nails to grow.Anyways I have a few pics of my nails check them out.At least I don't have to waist money on Fake nails lol

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