Saturday, June 16, 2012

DryIdea Women's Deodorant

Ok so yesterday I got my DryIdea Women's Deodorant from PurexInsiders.Be sure to check out both websites.I Am currently still testing the Roll-on DryIdea antiperspirant.I am going to do a test by adding it on in the morning & seeing if it protects me from Odor & Wetness.The Product claims to protect against Odor for 48 Hours & 24 of wetness. They also offer two other forms of this deodorant one is Gel 3.0oz & the other is a Solid 2.6oz.

Also on the DryIdea website they are holding a $1,000 Sweepstakes in Prizes!! There will be a $500 1st  Place Prize & Ten $50 2nd place Prizes.Still waiting on the Link for this.I will Update as soon as I get it. Im also holding a Giveaway for the Coupons I got from DryIdea.Here the place where to go. The Giveaway is by Rafflecopter. 

Rafflecopter giveaway

So we will see. So far no wetness but I will be outside in my garden in a few so I sweat a lot lol. Now I also tend to have a lot of wetness without doing any activity.My Dermatologist gave me medicine roll-on but it smells like pure alcohol & I don't like it.So I always resort back to another product.I hope this works better cause it if  
DryIdea Anti-perspirant works better I will then switch to it.

Be sure to check there website out & there Facebook & Like it give them a try you might Like it.I would be great full if you would recommend My Blog on there Facebook that I told you about there great product.Forgive I am pretty new at this blogging.I'm hoping you are still reading this lol.Make sure you come back to My Blog in the future I will be getting more products to test & more Coupons.I know everyone likes coupons out there I do.

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