Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wanting to Work

Well I have wanted to work for so long but do to certain circumstances I cant.Gotta Love the government.I have epilepsy. I'm currently trying to get disability. I'm only doing this because I cant afford my seizure medication.So I have to reapply all the time because they(government) turn me down tell me I can work Duh!!! I know this I would love to use my degrees but i cant.If I make any cash it would be reported.Then I couldn't keep my medical card.There has to be away that I can get money & not lose my medical card.

If I made over $2,000 or more a month I would give up my disability claim.My one medication is $839.00 if I had a job my money would go toward that I would be only working for my medicines.That just plain sucks. I don't know if I have told much about this but I have a degree in Graphics Design my Portfolio was based on Photography.That would be my dream job to Travel & take photos of everything.I have been talking to a few photographer I found on a app I use to chat on.He had me retouch one pic I was like Omg this is so easy.

I love Photoshop its the best.I would like to do more of that work if only.I need a open minded trustworthy person.Pay me in gift cards lol.Thats the only solution I have came up with. So anyone have any good ideas or how to help me out????

Here is a recent Photoshop work I have done.Also my gallery is attached check it out.

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