Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas was Great

Well my Christmas was great this year.I was really blessed with a great Family.I played Christmas at the dinner time which was new for us.My Mom got me good this year I wanted a Stereo for my new Ipod Touch all the stores were out so I thought lol.

I new all the gifts I had got.She got me a Stereo but it was at my Grannies house where we had dinner.I was like so surprised.I felt like a kid again.I want that feeling everyday it would be great.

Heres my list of stuff i got for christmas.
Ipod Touch+ Stereo
Undies lol
Nail Art
Itunes Card
A Tishirt of the best Christmas Movie ever "The Christmas Story"shirt says "Youll Shoot your eye Out" lol Love it.
I got a Skull Ipod Case

I think thats it.I am so greatful to have a awesome family who spoils me lol.
Anyways I had a wonderfull christmas Im sick of baking lol.

I hope the New Year brings me Luck,Money,Friends an a Man would be nice.

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