Friday, October 14, 2011

To much to blog about

Well I dont no where to start.I haven't been on here much.I don't have many blog followers lol maybe because I don't blog.He goes.Last month I went to a Rock Concert in Minerals Wells,West Virginia.I hadn't been to a concert in like 2 years.
The Best part of the concert was when I got to touch the lead singer of Papa Roach Jacoby. I was in the front row for the first time.It was amazing.Jacoby came out in the audience and i took my hand an ran it down his arm.I wiped his sweat on my shirt lol it will never be washed.My Summer Highlight.The other bands were great don;t get me wrong but this was my 3rd time seeing Papa Roach & they always steal the show cause the Connect with there fans.

The other bands were Bobaflex from west virginia my home state.

Crossfade I got a setlist from them.

Red was there.
Drive A new band handn't heard of them but they were pretty good.


Puddle of Mudd

Buckcherry As the night got darker my camera wasn't to good.They had the lights on & it was hard to get a good shot.

I loved the concert lol I lost my voice for like a week and I was by speakers I couldnt hear right for 2 days lol.Enjoy the pics & go to Itunes check these artist out.

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