Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Walgreens first stockpile

OK so I am trying to get the hang of this Stockpile products.There were some good deals this week at Walgreens.Here is what I got.My Dad already used the other razor lol.

5-2-11 Walgreens

Transaction #1
1.) 1 Gillette Fusion Proglide razor system ($9.80) + $5RR
2.) 1 Tp Cottonelle 12 Large rolls $5
2.)1 Dawn dish Liquid $1.99
Sub Total=$12.14 tax included
Used Coupons
1 $4/1 gillette Q
1 $.50 Toilet Paper Q
$1/1 In store Tp Q
1 dawn Q $.25

WAG Advertising Savings==$1.10
MFC Q Saving==$5.75
Total Savings $6.85
Plus I got a $5 RR

Transaction #2
1.) 1 Tp Cottonelle $5
2.) 1 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor system ($9.80) + $5 RR
3.) 2 Schick Hydro Shave gel buy one get one = $3.79
4.) 1 Dawn dish Liquid $1.99
Sub Total==$15.16

Coupons Used
$1/1 In store Tp Q
$.50 Tp Q
$ Gillet Q $4.00 off
dawn Q $.25
$1.00 Shave Gel

WAG Advertising Savings==$4.89
MFC Q Saving==$6.75
Your Total Savings==$11.64
Plus I got a $5 RR

Transaction #3
1.)Tp Cottonelle $5
2.)GUM Flosser $2.oo
Sub Total==$5.92

WAG Advertising Savings==$.99
MFC Q Saving==$1.50
Your Total Savings==$2.49
Plus I got a $2.00 RR

3 tubes Toothpaste $3.00 Crest Scope *Clearance*


Rachel said...

Hey Melissa- The Coupon Counselor here (Rachel)... thanks for visiting my site and leaving me a couple comments. You are doing great for just starting the couponing stuff! Keep up the good work. Walgreens is an ambitious start, its the most "complicated" of the drug stores. Since I'm not sure how long you've been couponing, If you are really new you might not know that you can probably get FREE or almost free dish soap a few times a year. In addition, my hubby has loads of free (or less than $1) razors and 8 cans of FREE shaving cream. He isnt' brand specific on that stuff so it's pretty easy to keep in stocked up! What grocery stores are you shopping at? Mostly Walmart? Have any competitor's to price match with? Well, good luck in your couponing adventures...you are off to a great start!

alientwilight said...

I would use coupons like maybe one or nothing like I am trying to do.I found Walgreens pretty easy so far.I like the +RR's.I might go get some more Tp.I got my Dad some shaving cream BOGo with my Q.I got him some razors.The same razor Proglide is on this week to.