Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rite Aid Purex Sale

This was my 1st Rite Aid Sale shop.I used $3/3off Survey Q's & thats's all. I didn't get the Purex Coupon in my paper.I went 2 differrent days. Yesterday I got 11 bottles Of :)Purex.My Purex is originally $5.99 a bottle.My slip says I saved on the 7 bottles $29.12 but minus a $-1.00 Candybar i needed a filled.So I could use all the $3 off Q.

On my other slip says I saved $16.08 cost I paid for 4 bottles was $8.35.

Now the day be4 yesterday I went & got more I got 2 Bottles of the Fabric Softern & 1 Clorox Cost was $18.79 Savings was $31.19. All in all it was a great Sale.Yesterday there was 3 Bottles left & i think 2 Fabric Softeners left.I didn't want to be Greedy I left those.They might have had some in the back.I left those for someone else.

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