Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kiss Lighting Speed Nails Review

I tried these acrylic nails they are suppose to be a easier way than other acrylic nail kits.This was the first time using this kit.They give you acrylic,and a spray gel activator now this is used after you use the gel glue to glue your nail on then you also use this glue after you shape nails .

When you are done shaping and all this glue goes on again then you dip into the acrylic then you spray your nails with the activator. I found a prob with this glue,some nails didnt want to stick then I didnt think I would need to use this glue for the acrylic.The Glue Brush got all jelly with the acrylic. They give you 2 types of nails one is french manicure the other is just plain nails.I used the french.On some I buffed the white off trying to get them to blend hence making my nail area sore lol.Also the gel has cracked.These nails aren't ment for doing anything aggressive.It takes alot of patience to do these I now know why ppl pay to get them done.I think its just unsanitary.

Anyways my nails look cute but when u feel them they are bumpy cause my glue brush stuck together.When I do the next ones I will try it different.I might buy the acrylic brush try it.

I say just go get them done at a salon.If you are strapped for cash give it a try.Took me prolly over hour.It is cheaper and you also know your clippers and files are clean.You really dont know how sanitary the shops are so I prefer this over them.Even if it takes me a few times to get them right.

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