Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been a way to long

Alot has happened in these past few months.In November on Thanksgiving I had a seizure.This one was bad one I forgot to take my medicine.They think it could have been the reason why I had it but they aren't sure.I was so busy that day.I put my meds in my purse was suppose to be going somewhere but I didn't and I just plain forgot.

I never forget.Someone usually asked me.It's crazy how you can actually forget to take meds.I use a pill container.Also keep getting turned down on my disability.I have to keep refilling if I don;t they take my medical card.I can't afford $800 for one seizure med.I now know if I don't have it I will have a seizure.This one was aggressive 15 mins long.I guess after 5 years it would be.

Anywho things in my family are good.My Gram is doing great.Christmas was awesome Mom got me a new desktop Pc.Now it's 2011!! So far things are good.I hope this year I have good Health and I will take my meds.I have timers reminders now.Plus my parents remind me.I also hope i get disability this year I told them I just want to keep the medical card I could careless about the money.I just get sick of reapplying.

Well I thinks that about it for now.If you read this u must really like my blog lol.

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