Friday, September 03, 2010

I watched the Apple product feed

I watched the Apple product video feed the other day.I already new they were making the Ipod Touch just like the Iphone I mean they are the same but just no Contract.I really want a Ipad now & i know as soon as I get it theres going to be a new one out i might wait til the 2G comes out I am sure it will be better.I have heard they are making the Screen bigger.Any who I jailbroke my Ipod Touch 2g & I have started making Themes.So here is my 1st.

My new theme is true Blood Eric.
LockSCreen I got the image from Google then I just used there season 3 promo Vilf put it on over the image.

The slider says "Bad Things To U " & it plays that song clip.


I might use the Rolling Stone cover for one but not sure yet.I am working on a Johnny Depp one now.

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