Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haven't been on in a longtime

Since last July my family has been through the ringer.My Grandmother developed Breast Cancer & Uterus Cancer.She went through Chemo which was really hard on her I mean she is like 76 years old.

When last December came she had both Breast removed.Then after the New Year she had to get a hysterectomy.That didn't go so well at all.Her system was run down from the chemo.She developed the blood infection Sepsis.

She was in the Hospital from January til the end of march.Then she got a small blood clot couldn't walk for a while.We didn't want to take her to a nursing home they are just gross.She was in one for like 2 days we took her out.We had her there for learning how to walk again.

She didn't like it so we brought her how did the bed rest care ourselves then in April she was able to walk again after a ultrasound on the blood clot.We later found out she didn't even need to be bed rest for the blood clot.

Now she is herself again after a crazy few months.My family is doing great all is good.You know what I didn't really understand a bunch about faith.I learned when my Gram was in the ICU when we almost lost her 2 or 3 times a preacher would show up and we would pray & it worked both times.I have so much more faith & there is a Higher Power up there.

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