Thursday, September 03, 2009

Text From Last night Website

My cousin showed me this webstie called Text From Last Night it is amazing what ppl will text lmfao.

I was just visting today thought i would put a few up.

These here are the ones under Best Night Ever.

(717): Masterbating to gospel music is like god cheering on your orgasm.

(225): finally nailed that neighbor chick. hopefully i can get her wireless password now. free internet trumps moral standards any day

(913): The university put out a message about those missing salt and pepper shakers... You should at least give back 60 of them.

(859): I called her a whore. 15 minutes later she gave me head at arby's while i was eating a roast beef. best afternoon ever

(360): So it wasn't until I came that he pointed out the glow in the dark plastic star still stuck to my forehead. Fun times.

(402): You love popeyes more than me
(1-402): does delicious chicken come out of your vagina?

(516): I just farted in the dogs face to show him who's boss

Worst Nights Ever

(352): I told him that he is like a snow storm I never know when he is coming, how many inches I will get, or how long it will last

(501): so i have my big date this weekend, and i was practicing giving head with a bottle in the shower. i stopped and looked at the botton of the bottle. it was PURE MOLD! if i die, dont tell the doctors how this happened....

(806): a chick just tried to cover her fart by sneezing. it didn't work

(916): I never Thought the day id see a chick shove a 2liter up her vag. that happened last night

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