Monday, July 20, 2009

Nickelback Dark Horse Tour was amazing


I went to the Nickelback Dark Horse tour on Friday in Hershey Pa.I got to see Nickelback for the first time they were amazing.I was in the stands I didn't go in the Pit I wish I had.

They also had Saving Abel we missed them.Hinder played & Papa Roach also played I had seen them on the Bad Boys Of Rock Tour in 2007.Of course Papa Roach Tour it up.I love them all so much.

I truly understand why Artist get mad when ppl take there music.They work so hard at what they do.I am going to start buying there music.

I took some Photos & videos but u can hardly see them.


Mikeee said...

Hello. Very nice looking blog!

Dorothy L said...

My daughter and my brother both have seen Nickleback live several times and they just love them.

Looks like they had a fantastic audience.

My daughter just saw Cheryl Crow and she said she was amazing :)