Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chris Brown & Rihanna Drama & Song

OK so I have been reading all about the Chris brown & Rihanna drama & now the nudes of her.She put a statement out saying they weren't her but some of them are her but the other I don't know.I wonder who leaked them?Just like the other singer Cassie I heard she Had nudes to,you could tell those where her I saw this all on The Dirty blog

Anyways If you post nudes on the net just to get Publicity for your next album everyone should own up to it.

In the Chris brown drama he's trying to get the case throwed out case the photos of Rihanna got leaked that he beat her so bad.I mean come on man Own Up be a damn Man not a Boy!! Our local Radio WVAQ plays a song a guy wrote about Chris Brown needing to get his ass kicked. lol The writer of the song The Jumpsmokers is selling it on Itunes the money will go to various women groups now that's a MAN.

If you haven't heard the song go hear it here Chris Brown Should get his ass kicked

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