Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I walked 1 mile today

Well for the past month I have been trying to lose weight.I use to drink tons of pepsi I finally got down to 1 Pepsi a day.I only eat wheat bread or whole wheat.I try not to eat a lot of sausage and bacon.I love them lol.

I try to eat small portions of food.I want to stop taking cholesterol pills.I have never been on a diet I have never exercised.Since I got this cholesterol I have been trying to get healthy.

I 195lbs last month.I started to get my mom to walk with me in our big field we started doing it like everyday or every other day til it started raining.I walked for days and lost 7lbs.I was like omfg.I also started running with that only like few mins at a time. I was how could this be possible?I was drinking alot of pop and then going to 1 Pepsi a day and walking made me lose weight.Pepsi has tons sugar,but it's O so good.

I also drink water I love the Propel drinks where u just add it to your water.Anyways last week i stumble upon a exercise site free workout videos.I tried one today & I was sweating hard lol.So check this site out peeps! You want to get in shape go for it.I used the start walking at home videos.They are free to watch.She's right on the front page.So get in shape!


Josh Diaz said...

im glad youre doing great!!
i think that water and lots of exercise is enough.. Dont kill yourself with horrible diets.. it's all about portions! :)
see ya

Duni said...

Hi there!
just wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my denim bag! Good luck with your quilt! Please post, when it's finished. I love looking at other blogger's work too :)
And good luck continuing with your exercise regime. *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

I love exercise TV for all my workouts, especially when I'm not motivated enough to go to the gym! Here is my favorite walking workout, which I love because my kids and I do it together at night. Enjoy