Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scour Search Engine & Points

A friend sent me this cool Search engine yestarday.It's called "Scour". It has Google,Yahoo,Windows Live Search engines in it.It will bring results up from all those search engines.I thought it was great.Also you get points for searching which I love.

I have almost 400 now but I have along ways to go to get a $25 Visa Gift card.You have yo get like 6500 for a gift card.So check it out.I also use a search engine by Hinder the Band & you win Swagbucks but its hardered than this Scour.On Scour you get points for comments and hitting thumbs up & sending invites to friends.If you want to be on my friends List on "Scour" just message me.

Here is my Hinder search engine request Hinder search engine You can pick other Artist or Sports search engine. Check it out.

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