Saturday, February 21, 2009

GO Green

OK so i found this site by doing my amazon mturks tasks.This site is about going green for us Lazy people out there whom can't really afford the cash to go green on a big scale.So we can do the little things to help out.So check this site out peeps.You can Pledge what you want to do to help the environment and take a pic or video post it.

I just joined today & did two pledges.So try it out for yourself.

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LayZ Green Person said...

Thanks so much for your support, it made our day! (well, my day, no one else on the team seems to be geeky enough to work on a Saturday).

Its so funny you posted this on StumbleUpon - I swear, I was on StumbleUpon for the first time ever, trying to post us, when I went to check on Turk to approve listings and saw your post!! Thanks a ton, now I can move on to the other 20 billion sites out there to try and get the word out :) but every link and mention helps!

any comments on how we can improve this, email me at pgupta att layzgreenpeople dott com. we're trying to make sure the site SCREAMS our message and mission, not sure if its accomplishing that yet fully, but we're getting there!

Thanks Melissa!