Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BAck at home

I am so glad to be back at home.I went to my cousins for a few days to just get out of my house.It's crazy living with parents but I am not missing anything by staying at my cousins.There is so much drama with her kids lol.

I got to visit with some old friends it is nice to get out.Prolly be going backnext weekend cause it's her sons birthday.I would like to live on my own but for now i can't.Hard times,I still have to have faith that I will get my ssi for my epilepsy.I hope i get it.I have been trying for 5 or 6 years now.

I just want to get some bills paid of like my college degrees which i don't use.Yeah I know it's messed up but they are hard professions I think.Anyways I hate not having a life & a man.It's hard to find a good one these days.If i ever had my own place & a man i would be alot happier.

I see so many relationships that are like love & hate I would love to have one.I have never had one, yeah it's messed up.Anyways now that you I am lonely lol I did some more photoshop work from a tutorial it was suppose to be for Valentines Day but I was late finding the right brush. So check it.

Here's the tutorial

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