Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick again

OK i have been sick again.I got sick in November also then i didn't get sick til this month after my dad got it i got and my mom has it.I had being sick.Anyways i have been just sitting around being on the net or listening to music.

I also got a audio book of Dean koontz Black River so far it's ok.This is the first Dean Koontz I have read well listened to.It was free since i have a Zune. I don't know how to upload it or i would.If anyone knows how I will share it.

I watched a few movies they are Wall-e i loved it,Dark Knight was great,Surfer Dude was great I love Matthew McConaughey there was a snip of his nude butt lol!!

If anyone Knows anything about getting ringtones for a Virgin Mobile phone ringtones comment please.

Here are some artist to check out Blueblack


Lara Jade

All great artist!!

I did this for Xmas in photoshop but i forgot to post it. . The tutorial listed on that page.

Well have a great day peeps.

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