Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History in the making

Well Ladies & Gents we have made history with a new African American President Barack Obama!! I never thought there would be a African American president.

I was wrong I hope he does good with this country.He is going to have a long road ahead of him but goodluck.I was hoping Hillary would get it but do to the money she didn't have she lost.

I hope there is a women president one day i hope she runs again.I watched the whole inauguration yesterday it was long & beautiful.I had never seen one.

When the lady read the poem I wish they would have had this lady I saw on Oprah her voice would have set that inauguration off.Her name was Maya Angelou.

I watched the Ball where Beyonce got to sing for the president & his wife it was great.I loved the song they picked old classic "At last" by Etta James. Enjoy this clip B really did a amazing job on this song.A great song choice for the occasion.

Here is a video spoof on Beyonce song Single Ladies & a guy turned it into Barack Obama song check this video out.

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