Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving Flu

Well Thanksgiving was a bust this year.I got the 24 hour flu.It was not fun at all.I didn't even take a Flu shot.After I got it my Mom got it.It spread so quickly.I have been putting Xmas lights of still.I wish I had some cash to go Xmas shopping.I seem to always get gifts but never get to really get anyone anything.This year I would Like to Have 22" Flat screen LCD Monitor cause i still have the old Ghetto monitor.If anyone out there knows where i can get a cheap monitor let me know.

I have seen a few sales but i don't have a credit card.Today is Cyber Monday.I check the sales out but you have to have the credit cards & money before you buy things & this year is going to be tight.I am still trying to get this site to what i want.I have added a few links some are mine some are sites i just visit.So enjoy.Have a Great Day.XoxO

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